Eastwick College offers great news for aspiring sonography students

When it comes to the health care field, accreditations are one of the most important steps toward a great career. It is with this in mind that Eastwick College – Nutley is especially proud to announce that its cardiovascular sonography degree program is now accredited by the prestigious CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs), joining Eastwick College – Ramsey, which in 2014 made history when it became the first college in the state to offer a CAAHEP-accredited cardiovascular sonography associate degree.

The accreditation, widely acknowledged as one of the most important in the industry, allows graduates of the Eastwick program to apply as certified sonographers, significantly increasing the career opportunities available to them. This is especially valuable given the income potential for a successful cardiovascular sonographer: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average annual wage for a technician in the New York metropolitan area is $61,820, making it one of the highest-paying associate degree careers in the country, with a projected job growth rate for 2014-24 that is nearly four times the national average.

Ultrasound technology is used to create internal images of the human body, providing views of the muscles, tendons and organs. This is done through the use of sound waves, which bounce back and are translated into images by a computer. The process doesn’t involve the use of radiation, making it an appealing option to patients.

Students in the cardiovascular sonography degree at Eastwick College train in specialized ultrasound “scan labs” with some of the same equipment and procedures used by employers and organizations in the area. They learn to check the heart for subtle differences between healthy and diseased areas, determine if scanned images are satisfactory for diagnostic purposes and record additional medical history.

In addition to the new CAAHEP-accredited sonography degree, Eastwick College offers a variety of popular associate degree programs, including occupational therapy assisting (OTA), culinary arts, surgical technology, funeral service, health science, and business and hospitality. For more information, visit www.eastwick.edu.