Eastwick College among nation’s top 100 two-year colleges for return on investment

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According to a recent study by Georgetown University published by Stacker.com, Eastwick College is among the nation’s top 100 two-year colleges for return on investment (also known as ROI). In fact, out of 1550 colleges nationwide, Eastwick College ranked #99, placing it in the top 10 percent for this metric.

Return on investment is essentially what you gain vs. what you spent. Using data collected by College Scorecard, this study determined the colleges with the best ROI by comparing how much alumni earned after six, eight, and ten years after graduating when compared to the money they spent in college loans.

“The focus at Eastwick has always been about providing our students with a uniquely valuable education that extends beyond the traditional college model and I think these numbers are a testament to that approach,” explains Thomas M. Eastwick, president of Eastwick College and the HoHoKus School. “Our students are provided the tools to build a brighter future, with a campus culture that encourages their confidence, creativity, and connection to the community.”

In fact, return on investment is just one of many metrics by which Eastwick College stands out when looking at the data collected by College Scorecard. It boasts one of lowest default rates when compared to other two-year colleges in the state, which determines the number of students that don’t end up paying back their student loans. And Eastwick ranks in the top 10 for median graduate salary among all New Jersey colleges.

“At the end of the day the stories of success we receive from our graduates are the best proof of the value that we provide,” adds President Eastwick. “When a graduate reaches out to tell us how we helped them change their life for the better – that will always be the most valuable form of recognition we can receive.”

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