Book List

21st Century Funeral directing and funeral service management $59.00 Klicker, R. 2020, Thanos Institute 9 781734 480504
3-2-1 Code It! 2022 Edition $40.00 Green, Michelle Cengage Learning 978-0-3576-2132-5
A cemetery should be forever: the challenge to managers and directors $17.00 Llewellyn, J.F. 1998, Glendale, CA: Tropico Press 978-0-9665-8012-9
A Sonographers Guide to the Assessment of Heart Disease $149.00 Anderson, B. 2013, MGA Graphics 978-0-9923-2220-5
Advanced Accounting, 12th Ed. $40.00 Fischer, P.M., Taylor, W.J., Cheng, R.H. 2016, Cengage Learning 978-1-3050-8485-8
AHA 2020 BLS Provider Student Manual $16.00 Hazinski, M. 2020, American Heart Association 978-1-61669-768-6
Applied Law and Ethics in Health Care, 1st edition $40.00 Pardew, Wendy Mia 2022, Cengage 978-0-3576-2397-8
Applied Pathophysiology, 3rd Edition $110.00 Braun & Anderson 2016, Wolters Kluwer 978-1-4963-3586-9
Assistive Technologies Principles and Practice $60.00 Cook, A., Polgar, J. 2019, Elsevier 978-0-3235-2338-7
ATI Resources (LPN by course) $119.00 N/A N/A N/A
ATI Resources (AASRN by course) $223.00 N/A N/A N/A
ATI RN Electronic Resources (BSN by course) $189.00 ATI ATI N/A
Basic College Mathematics: An Applied Approach, 10th edition $55.00 Aufmann, R.N., Lockwood, J.S. 2014, Cengage Learning 978-1-1333-6544-0
Blueprints for writing: building essays. $40.00 Mathis, P. 2015, Cengage Learning 978-0-4958-0246-4
Business Foundations: A Changing World, 13th edition $70.00 Ferrell, O.C., Hirt, G., Ferrell, L. 2015, McGraw Hill 978-1-2640-6749-7
Career Edge Resources $40.00 N/A N/A N/A
CCA Exam Preparation, 9th Edition $79.00 AHIMA AHIMA 978-1-5842-6863-5
Central Service Technical Manual: 8th Edition (Text ) $85.00 International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management (IAHCSMM). 2016, International Association of Healthcare Central Service 978-1-4951-8904-3
Central Service Technical Manual: 8th Edition (Workbook) $55.00 International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management (IAHCSMM). 2016, International Association of Healthcare Central Service 978-1-4951-8905-0
Chemistry in Focus: A Molecular View of Our World $70.00 Tro, Nivaldo J. Cengage learning 978-1-3373-9969-2
Clayton’s basic pharmacology for nurses 18th edition $60.00 Willihnganz, Gurevitz, & Clayton. Elsevier 978-0-3235-5061-1
Clinical Decision Making: Case Studies for the Occupational Therapy Assistant $40.00 Theis, Jennifer L. 2011, Delmar, Cengage Learning 978-1-4354-2576-7
College Accounting, 23rd edition $40.00 Warren, C., Jonick, C., Schneider, J. 2021, Cengage Learning 978-1-3379-0268-7
Comparative Health Information Management $40.00 Gartee, R. 2016, Cengage Learning 978-1-2858-7171-4
Complying with the Funeral Rule $0.00 Federal Trade Commission 2015 N/A
Comprehensive Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies, 6th Edition $40.00 Lindh,W.; Pooler, M.; Tamparo, C., B. Dahl, Huckaby, J. 2014, Cengage Learning 978-1-3059-6479-2
Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN Exam Review, 8th Edition $60.00 Silvestri, L. 2018, Elsevier 978-0-3234-8488-6
CompTIA A+ Guide to IT Technical Support | 11th Edition $150.00 Andrews, J., Dark, J., West, J. 2017, Cengage learning 978-0-3576-7416-1
Concepts for Nursing Practice, 2nd Ed. $60.00 Giddens, J.F. 2016, Mosby 978-0-3233-7699-0
Conditions in Occupational Therapy: Effect on Occupational Performance (6th ed) $90.00 Atchison, B., Dirette, D. 2022, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 978-1-9751-5385-4
Core Concepts in Pharmacology, 5th ed $31.00 Holland, L., Adams, M. 2015, Prentice Hall 978-0-1345-1416-1
Cost Management 5th Edition $40.00 Hansen, D.R., & Mowen, M.M. 2018, Cengage Learning 978-0-3577-0965-8
COTA Examination Review Guide, 3rd edition $45.00 Charest, E., Johnson, C., DeAngelis, T., Lorch, A. 2021, F.A. Davis Company 978-0-8036-6914-7
CPT Professional Edition 2023, 1st Edition $113.00 Optum360 2020, Optum360 978-1-64016-049-1
Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses 17th edition $40.00 Vallerand, A.H.; Sanoski, C.A. 2019, F.A. Davis Company 978-1-7196-4269-9
Death & Dying, Life & Living $40.00 Corr, C.A., Corr, D.M., Doka, K.J. 2013, Wadsworth/Cengage 978-1-3375-6389-5
Developing Clinical Competence: A Workbook for the OTA $64.00 Morreale, M. 2014, Slack Incorporated 978-1-6309-1113-3
Digital Electronics Principles and Applications 9th Edition $70.00 Tokheim, Roger 2014, McGraw Hill 978-1-2598-7298-3
Diversity Consciousness: Opening our Minds to People, Culture and Opportunities 4th Edition $31.00 Bucher, Richard, D. 2014, Prentice Hall/Pearson 978-0-3219-1906-9
Documentation Manual for Occupational Therapy Writing SOAP Notes, 4th Edition $78.00 Gateley, Crystal A., Borcherding, Sherry Slack Incorporated 978-1-6309-1231-4
Documenting Occupational Therapy Practice, 3rd Edition $31.00 Sames, K.M. 2014, Pearson 978-0-1331-1049-4
Echocardiography Techniques Workbook (EC) $22.00 N/A Rockland Copy N/A
Echocardiography: the normal examination and echocardiographic measurements, 3rd edition $129.00 Anderson, B. 2017, Cardiotext Publishing 978-0-9923-2221-2
Electricity for Refrigeration, Heating, and Air Conditioning, 11th Edition $160.00 Smith 2014, Cengae Learning 978-1-3373-9912-8
Electricity for Refrigeration/Heating Air Conditioning; Lab Manual $60.00 Smith 2014, Cengae Learning 978-1-2851-8001-4
Electronics Principles and Applications 9th edition $70.00 Schuler 2013, New York, NY, McGraw Hill  978-0-0733-7383-6
Embalming: History, Theory, and Practice (5th ed) $117.00 Mayer, R. 2012, McGraw Hill 978-0-0717-4139-2
Epa Section 608 Preparatory Manual 9th ed V2 $19.00 n/a ESCO 1-930044-60-7
Essentials of Contemporary Management, 9th Edition $60.00 George, J., Jones, G. 2021, McGraw Hill 978-1-2602-6153-0
Essentials of Health Information Management-Principles and Practices, 5th edition $40.00 Green, B., Bowie, M.J. 2015, Cengage Learning 978-0-3576-2436-4
Ethics in Funeral Services $18.00 Klicker, R. 1995, Thanos Institute 978-0-9647-9670-6
Exam Ref AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, 3rd Edition $32.00 Cheshire, J. 2021, Pearson Education 978-0-1368-7718-9
Experiment Manual to Accompany Digital Electronics 9th Edition $70.00 Tokheim, Roger 2014, McGraw Hill 978-1-2642-7082-8
Experiments manual for Electronic Communication System 5th Edition $70.00 Frenzel, Jr., Louis E. 2008, McGraw Hill 978-1-2607-8937-9
FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics $27.00 Hayes, J. The FOA 978-1-4392-5387-8
Foundation of Electronics: Circuits & Devices(Electron Flow Version) (5th Edition) $40.00 Meade, Russell L. & Diffenderfer, Robert 2007, Cengage Learning 978-1-4180-0537-5
Foundation of Electronics: Circuits & Devices(Lab Manual) (5th Edition) $144.00 Meade, Russell L. 2007, Cengage Learning 978-1-4180-4183-0
Foundations for population health in community/public health, 6th. Ed. (2022) $60.00 Stanhope, M. & Lancaster, J. Elsevier 978-0-3237-7688-2
Foundations in microbiology basic principles (customized version) $70.00 Custom by McGraw Hill 2012, McGraw Hill 978-1-3070-0481-6
Foundations of Mental Health Care, 7th Edition $60.00 Morrison-Valfre, M. 2016, Elsevier 978-0-3236-7448-5
Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing (6th ed.) $60.00 Dewitt, S. 2018, Elsevier Health Sciences 978-0-3233-9621-9
Funeral Home Customer Service A-Z: Creating Exceptional Experiences for Today’s Families $20.00 Wolfelt, A. 2005, Companion Press 978-1-8796-5144-9
Funeral Service Law in the United States $74.00 Cleveland, Larry J. 2019 Hudson Valley Professional Services 978-1-7366-1011-4
Funeral service psychology and counseling $26.00 Klicker, R. 2007, Thanos Institute 978-0-9647-9673-7
Giddens Concepts for Nursing, 2nd ed $60.00 Giddens, J.F. 2017, Mosby 978-0-3235-9810-1
Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy: The Theoretical Basis and Practice Application of Group Intervention (5th ed) $88.00 Cole, M. 2012, SLACK, Incorporated 978-1-6309-1367-0
HCPCS Level II Professional 2023, 1st Edition $76.00 Optum360 2020, Optum360  978-1-62254-555-1
Health care management and the law: Principles and applications $150.00 Hammaker, D. 2011, Cengage Learning 978-1-4283-2004-8
Health informatics: An interprofessional approach (2022) $60.00 Nelson, R. & Staggers, N Elsevier 978-0-3234-0225-5
Hole’s Human Anatomy & Physiology, 16th edition $70.00 Shier, D., Butler, J., Lewis, R. 2015, McGraw Hill 978-1-2642-6293-9
Hospitality sales and marketing (6th edition) $102.00 Abbey, J.R. 2014, Educational Institute 978-0-1335-9450-8
Hotel operations management; 3rd edition $31.00 Hayes, D.K., Ninemeier, J.D., Miller, A.A. 2016, Prentice Hall 978-0-1343-3762-3
Human Diseases (5th ed.). $40.00 Tannehill-Jones, M. N. 2015, Clifton Park, New Jersey, USA: Delmar. 978-1-3373-9679-0
Human resource management: essential perspectives $40.00 Mathis, R. L., & Jackson, J. H. 2016, Australia: South-Western College Pub 978-1-3051-1524-8
HVAC, 4 term(24months) Printed Access Card, 1st Edition $54.00 n/a 2016, Cengae Learning 978-1-305-58439-6
ICD-10-CM Expert for Hospitals with Guidelines 2023, 1st Edition $109.00 Optum360 2020, Optum360 978-1-6225-4523-0
ICD-10-PCS Expert 2023, 1st Edition $109.00 Optum360 2020, Optum360 978-1-6225-4545-2
Income Tax Fundamentals 2022 $40.00 Whittenburg, G.E., & Gill, S.L. 2022, Cengage 978-0-3577-1019-7
Inquiry into physics (8th ed.). $40.00 Ostdiek, V. J., & Bord, D. J. 2012, Brooks/Cole. 978-1-3059-5942-2
Inside Ultrasound Vascular Reference Guide $136.00 Size, G., Lozanski, L., Russo, T. 2013, Inside Ultrasound 978-0-9747694-3-1
Interactions: A Thematic Reader | 9th Edition $110.00 Ann Moseley/Jeanette Harris 2015, Cengage Learning 9781305073807
Intermediate Accounting: Reporting and Analysis, 3rd Ed. $40.00 Wahlen, J.M., Jones, J.P., Pagach, D.P. 2020, Cengage Learning 978-1-3377-8828-1
International Foundation for Sonography Education & Research – Abdomen/Superficial Structures $105.00 IFSER IFSER N/A
International Foundation for Sonography Education & Research – Obstetrics/Gynecology $105.00 IFSER IFSER N/A
Interpreting ECGs: A Practical Approach, 3rd Edition $70.00 Shade, B 2019, New York, NY, McGraw Hill 978-1-2600-1724-3
Introduction to Business Law, 7th Edition $40.00 Beatty, J.F., Samuelson, S.S. 2016, Cengage Learning 978-1-3059-4864-8
Introduction to hospitality; 8th edition $153.00 Walker, J. 2017, Pearson Education 978-0-1352-0981-3
Introduction to maternity and pediatric nursing, 8th edition $60.00 Leifer, G. 2015, St. Louis: Saunders. 978-0-3235-5067-3
Introductory Algebra: An Applied Approach, 9th Edition $40.00 Aufmann, R.N., Lockwood, J.S. 2013, Cengage Learning 978-1-1333-6543-3
Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professionsm 10th. (2019) $40.00 Corey, et. Al Cengage 978-0-3576-9004-8
Kinesiology for Occupational Therapy, 3rd edition $100.00 Rybski, M. 2012, Slack Incorporated 978-1-6309-1471-4
Lab manual for Essentails of Health Information Management $93.00 Green, B., Bowie, M.J. 2015, Cengage Learning 978-1-3375-5369-8
Lab Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology $60.00 Whitman/Johnson/Tomczyk/Silberstein 2016, Cengae Learning 978-1-3055-7870-8
Law and Ethics for Pharmacy Technicians | 3rd Edition | $40.00 Jahangir Moini 2020, Cengage Learning. 978-1-3377-9662-0
Leading & Managing Occupational Therapy Services: An Evidence-Based Approach $65.00 Braveman, B. 2016, F.A. Davis Company 978-1-7196-4035-0
Life- Span Human Development, 9th edition $40.00 Sigelman C. Rider, E. 2014 Wadsworth/Cengage Learning 978-1-3371-0073-1
LogixPro PLC Lab Manual for Programmable Logic Controllers $96.00 Petruzella, Fr. 2017, McGraw Hill 978-1-2596-8084-7
LPN to RN Transitions. 5th ed. (2022) $60.00 Claywell, L Elsevier 978-0-3236-9798-9
MCSA Guide to Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016, Exam 70-741 | 1st Edition $40.00 Tomsho, G. Cengage Learning 978-1-3374-0078-7
MCSA Guide to Networking with Windows Server 2016, Exam 70-741 | 1st Edition $40.00 Tomsho, G. Cengage Learning 978-1-3374-0078-7
Medical Surgical Nursing Concepts & Practice, 4th Edition $60.00 deWit, S., Stromberg, H., Dallred, C. 2017, Elsevier 978-0-3236-0844-2
Medical Terminology for Health Professions (9th ed) Textbook only $40.00 Ehrlich, A., Schroeder, C.L., Ehrlich, E., Schroder, K. 2022, Delmar, Cengage Learning 978-0-3575-1369-9
MindTap for CompTIA A+ Guide to IT Technical Support | 11th Edition $150.00 Andrews, J., Dark, J., West, J. 2017, Cengage learning 978-0-3576-7419-2
MindTap for CompTIA Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals | 7th Edition $200.00 Ciampa, M. Cengage Learning 978-0-3574-2441-4
MindTap for Network+ Guide to Networks | 9th Edition $150.00 West, Dean, Andrews Cengage learning 978-1-3375-6938-5
MindTap MOSS 3.0 | 1st Edition |MindTap MOSS 3.0, 2 terms (12 months) Printed Access Card $40.00 Cengage Cengage Learning 978-1-3376-2638-5
MKTG $40.00 Lamb, C.W., Hair, J.F., McDaniel, C. 2021, Cengage Learning 978-0-3571-2781-0
National Board Exam Study Guide (Volume 12) $110.00 Taggart, T. AFSEP N/A
New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2019 Introductory $40.00 Carey, P., Linard, K.T., Shaffer, A. 2019, Cengage Learning 978-0-3571-1997-6
Nursing leadership and management for patient safety and quality care, 2nd. Ed. (2022) $72.00 Murray, E. F.A. Davis 978-0-8036-3021-5
Nutrition for Health and Healthcare, 7th edition $40.00 DeBruyne, L.K. 2013, Cengage Learning 978-0-3570-2246-7
Occupational Therapy in Mental Health A Vision for Participation $82.00 Brown, C., Stoffel, V.C., Munoz, J.P. 2019, F.A. Davis Company 978-0-8036-5916-2
Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process (4th ed) $99.00 American Occupational Therapy Association 2014, American Occupational Therapy Association 978-1-5690-0488-3
Occupational Therapy: What It Is & How It Works $40.00 Marcil, William M. 2007, Delmar, Cengage Learning 978-1-4180-1285-4
Organic Chemistry, 8th ed. (2018) $40.00 Brown, Iverson, Anslyn, & Foote Cengage 978-0-3575-3950-7
Pass the OT (by course) $22.00 Pas the OT LLC Pas the OT LLC N/A
Pathology & Microbiology for Mortuary Science, 2nd edition $135.00 Mullins, D., Brennan, B. 2018, Funeral Service Education Resource Center 978-0-9979-2617-0
Pathophysiology of Heart Disease, 7th edition $57.00 Lilly. L. 2022, LWW 978-1-9751-2059-7
Pediatric Skills for Occupational Therapy Assistants Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 5th Edition $60.00 Solomon, Jean W., O’Brien, Jane C. 2015, Mosby 978-0-3236-1027-8
Pedretti’s occupational therapy: Practice skills for physical dysfunction (8th ed) $60.00 Pendleton, H.M., Schultz-Krohn, W. 2013, Elsevier Health Sciences 978-0-3233-3927-8
Pharmacy Practice for Technicians | 5th Edition |  $40.00 Zachary I. Hanan/Sr. Jane M. Durgin 2015, Cengage Learning. 978-0-3576-9505-0
Physical Dysfunction Practice Skills for the Occupational Therapy Assistant (3rd ed) $60.00 Early, Mary B. 2013, Mosby 978-0-3230-5909-1
Planning and Management of Meetings, Expositions, Events and Conventions, 1st edition $31.00 Fenich, G.G. 2014, Prentice Hall/Pearson 978-0-1326-1043-8
Practical Food and Beverage Cost Control, 7th Edition $40.00 Ojugo, C. 2009, Cengage Learning 978-1-4283-3544-8
Prepare to Succeed: A Collaborative Collection of Questions to Test Funeral Service Knowledge $50.00 University Mortuary Science Educational Association 2018, Funeral Service Education Resource Center 978-0-9979-2614-9
Preparing for the Occupational Therapy Assistant National Board Exam: 45 days and Counting $78.00 DiZazzo-Miller, R., Pociask, F.D. 2017, Jones & Bartlett Learning 978-1-2840-7235-8
Principles and Labs for Fitness & Wellness (15th ed) $40.00 Hoeger, Werner W.K., Hoeger, Sharon A. 2015, Cengage Learning 9780357020258
Principles of Electronic Communication Systems 5th Edition $70.00 Frenzel, Jr., Louis E. 2015, McGraw Hill 978-1-2599-3279-3
Principles of Pharmacology for Medical Assisting $40.00 Rice, J. 2016, Cengage Learning. 978-1-3058-5932-6
Programmable Logic Controllers, 6th Edition $60.00 Petruzella, Fr. 2017, McGraw Hill 978-0-0810-0353-4
Psychology: A Journey (5th ed) $40.00 Coon, D., Mitterer, John O. 2014 Wadsworth/Cengage Learning 978-1-1339-5782-9
Q & A Review for the NCLEX-PN Exam (5th ed.) $60.00 Silvestri, L. 2018, Elsevier 978-1-4557-0265-7
Quality management in the imaging sciences, 6th edition $60.00 Papp, J. 2015, Mosby 978-0-3235-1237-4
Reading, understanding, and applying nursing research 6th edition $74.00 Fain, J.A. F. A. Davis 978-1-7196-4182-1
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology (9th ed.) $185.00 Whitman/Johnson/Tomczyk/Silberstein 2016, Cengae Learning 978-0-357-12227-3
Restorative art and science $73.00 Klicker, R. 2002, Thanos Institute 978-0-9647-9672-0
Ryan’s Occupational Therapy Assistant: Principles, Practice Issues, and Techniques (5th ed) $102.00 Ryan, S., Sladyk, K. 2005, SLACK, Incorporated 978-1-5564-2962-0
Safe maternity and pediatric nursing 2nd. Ed. (2021) $98.00 Linnard-Palmer, L. & Coats, G.H. F.A. Davis 978-0-8036-2494-8
Saunders comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN exam 8th ed. (2020) $60.00 Silvestri, L.A. & Silvestri, A.E Elsevier 978-0-3235-8241-4
Shortell and Kaluzny’s Healthcare Management: Organization Design and Behavior $40.00 Burns, L., Bradley, E. 2011, Cengage Learning 978-1-3059-5117-4
Strategies for Test Success, 5th Ed. $60.00 Silvestri, L. 2018, Saunders 978-0-3235-8216-2
Student Workbook and Resource Guide for Core Concepts in Pharmacology, 5th Edition $35.00 Holland, L., Adams, M. 2015, Prentice Hall 978-0-1344-4705-6
Study Guide for Lindh/Tamparo/Dahl/ Morris/Correa’s Comprehensive Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies, 6th, 6th Edition $130.00 Lindh,W. 2014, Cengage Learning 978-1-3059-6485-3
Surgical Technology for the Surgical Technologist: A Positive Care Approach Study Guide with Lab Manual $100.00 Frey, K. Cengage 978-1-3059-5643-8
Surgical Technology for the Surgical Technologist: A Positive Care Approach Textbook $40.00 Frey, K. Cengage 978-1-3059-5641-4
Technical report writing today, 10th ed $40.00 Riordan, D. 2014, Cengage Learning 978-1-1336-0738-0
Technology for Success and Illustrated Series with Microsoft Office Suite $107.00 Cable, S., Sebok, S.L., Starks, J.L. 2020, Cengage Learning 978-0-3570-2568-0
Textbook of diagnostic sonography (8th edition) Volume One & Volume Two $60.00 Hagen-Ansert, S. 2018, St. Louis, Elsevier 978-0-3233-5375-5
Textbook of diagnostic sonography (8th edition) Workbook $90.00 Hagen-Ansert, S. 2018, St. Louis, Elsevier 978-0-3234-4183-4
Thanatochemistry A survey of General, Organic and Biochemistry, 3rd edition $175.00 Dorn, James; Hopkins, Barbara 2009, Pearson 978-0-1360-2687-7
The complete cremation handbook $49.00 Cremation Association of North America Kates-Boylston Publications KBG H5929
The echocardiographer’s pocket reference (5th ed.) $120.00 Reynolds, T., & Kidd, P. 2007, Phoenix, Ariz.: Arizona Heart Institute. 978-0-578-68717-9
The history of American funeral directing (9th ed). $85.00 Habenstein, R., Lamers, W.M. 2014, The National Funeral Directors Association of the United States, Inc. 978-0-692-120569
The Pediatric Echocardiographer’s Pocket Reference, 3rd edition $84.00 Reynolds, T. 2002, Arizona Heart Inst Foundation 978-0-9635-7677-4
The Vascular System Bundle Workbook/Text $182.00 Kupinski, Ann Marie Wolters Kluwer Health 978-1-4963-9936-6
Thinking Critically, 12th Edition $40.00 Chaffee, J. 2013, Cengage Learning 978-1-3375-5850-1
Ultra P.A.S.S. Abdominal Sonography Registry Review  Workbook PAU-OL4-ABD2 $130.00 LORI GREEN  BA, RT, RDMS, RDCS, RVT Gulfcoast ultrasound institute 978-1-9457-4937-7
Ultra P.A.S.S. Adult Echocardiography Registry Review Workbook, 3rd Edition PAU-OL6-CTP3 plus mock exams $175.00 LORI GREEN  BA, RT, RDMS, RDCS, RVT Gulfcoast ultrasound institute 978-1-950973-37-8
Ultra P.A.S.S. Obstetrics & Gynecology Registry Review Workbook 4th Edition PAU-OL5-OB2 $130.00 JANE J.K. BURNS  AS, RT, RDMS Gulfcoast ultrasound institute 978-1-950-973-51-4
Ultra P.A.S.S. Vascular Technology Registry Review  Workbook, 5th Edition PAU-OL7-VT3 plus mock exams $175.00 LORI GREEN  BA, RT, RDMS, RDCS, RVT Gulfcoast ultrasound institute 978-1-950973-65-1
Ultra PASS Sonography Principles and Instrumentation Registry Review Workbook-4th edition plus mock exams $125.00 Lori Green,  BA, RDMS, RDCS, RVT | Mark Swanson  RDMS, RVT Gulfcoast ultrasound institute  978-1-945749-09-4
Understandable Statistics: Concepts and Methods, 12th edition $40.00 Brase, C.H., Brase, C.P. 2015, Cengage Learning 978-1-3371-1991-7
Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide to Billing and Reumbursement $70.00 Green, M. 2012, McGraw Hill 978-0-3576-2144-8
Understanding ICD-10-CM & ICD-10-PCS Worktext 2021, 8th edition $40.00 Bowie, Mary Jo. 2013, Cengage Learning 978-0-3577-6427-5
Understanding Interpersonal Communication: Making Choices in Changing Times (Enhanced, 2nd Ed) $40.00 West, R., Turner, L.H. 2011, Cengage Learning 978-0-4959-0875-3
Understanding ultrasound physics (4th edition). $119.00 Edelman, S.K., 2012, ESP Ultrasound 0-9626444-5-5
Using QuickBooks® Online for Accounting 2022 | 6th Edition |  $40.00 Owen, G. 2015, Cengage Learning 978-0-357-44216-6
Willard and Spackman’s Occupational Therapy, 13th edition $116.00 Boyt Schell, B., Gillen, G. LWW, 2014 978-1-9751-0658-4
Winning Ways: The funeral profession’s guide to human relations $73.00 Van Beck, T., Grollman, E. 1999, McGraw Hill 978-0-8385-9646-3
Workbook, Accounting and Finance, 28th edition $101.00 Warren, C., Jonick, C., Schneider, J. 2021, Cengage Learning 978-1-3379-1316-4