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Eastwick College Graduates Prepare for Medical Fields

Sonography students practice observing muscles on machine

The medical field will see the highest growth rate for jobs, adding about 2.4 million new jobs to the industry from 2016 till 2026. Choosing Eastwick College gives students the opportunity to experience hands-on training in real situations with affiliated hospitals. Some programs that are offered at Eastwick College include Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography, Occupational Therapy …

Occupational Therapy Career Path: What You Need to Know

Patient being helped to grab cylinder from board of cylinders

Occupational therapy provides patients in need with the guidance to be able to do everyday tasks. Occupational therapists work with children, adults with disabilities, and the elderly to empower each of them to do occupational tasks in order to get them through their day. Taking a therapeutic, holistic approach, occupational therapists help people regain their …

The Growing Value of an Education in OTA

Occupational Therapy Assistant helps patient use machine to improve muscle strength

Why more people are pursuing this popular occupation, ranked as one of top 20 highest paying for those with associate degree When Eastwick College in Ramsey finalized the addition of a new Occupational Therapy Assistant degree to their growing list of medical degrees, they knew they were tapping into one of the next high demand …

Information Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Eastwick Education has announced updated action regarding COVID-19

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