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Eastwick College Graduates Prepare for Medical Fields

Sonography students practice observing muscles on machine

The medical field will see the highest growth rate for jobs, adding about 2.4 million new jobs to the industry from 2016 till 2026. Choosing Eastwick College gives students the opportunity to experience hands-on training in real situations with affiliated hospitals. Some programs that are offered at Eastwick College include Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography, Occupational Therapy …

4 Reasons Cardiovascular Sonography is a Skill in Demand

Person holding up red heart with heartbeat on it

Cardiovascular Sonography uses ultrasound to examine the structure of the heart in order to detect and diagnose disease. Cardiovascular Sonographers are trained to notice slight differences others would not be able to detect, and then relay those findings to a physician. Over the ten-year span between 2016 to 2026, jobs in cardiovascular sonography are expected …

High Job Growth, Earning Potential in Sonography

Sonography student observes as teacher uses ultrasound machine to point out sections of heart

Students study the heart and vascular system ready to enter workforce in 24 months at Eastwick College Diagnostic ultrasound is one of the most widely used medical tests in the nation and continues to increase in popularity due to its use as a safe and versatile detection method. This is especially true as the elderly …

Student Heart Screenings

Cardiovascular students practice using ultrasound machine on fellow students

By all appearances, Sean Patrick Fisher was a healthy teenager. He never complained of chest pain, light headedness or any other symptoms that might have indicated any heart issues. But on his 13th birthday in 2008, he passed away unexpectedly from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, or SCA. In Sean’s memory, his parents established The Sean Fisher …

Eastwick College offers great news for aspiring sonography students

When it comes to the health care field, accreditations are one of the most important steps toward a great career. It is with this in mind that Eastwick College – Nutley is especially proud to announce that its cardiovascular sonography degree program is now accredited by the prestigious CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs), …

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