Is a Degree in Computer Technology the Right Fit for You?

IT students practice measuring electric flow in device

Computers play an important role in our everyday lives; we rely on them heavily for everything from looking up information to completing work for our jobs. As more and more technology becomes readily available at our fingertips, we need more humans to specialize in different computer related areas. 

Computer Technology in Businesses

Whether a company is big or small there is always a need for an individual who has the skills to solve a computer related problem. If a business’ computer system goes down, all business functions could come to a quick stop. When you learn the study of computer networking, and about hardware, software, fiber optics, and wireless technology, you become the one every business turns to for help when they are unable to fix things on their own. While at other times there may be no immediate need to solve a problem, you can also use the skills you learn to install, and maintain different systems such as computers, medical, navigational and telecommunications equipment. 

The Growing Need for Computer Support Professionals

By 2026 over 557,000 new jobs are expected in the computer and information technology industry according to the U.S. Department of Labor, with an average salary of $64,640 in the NY/NJ Metro Area.

At Eastwick College, the Electronics and Computer Technology diploma program prepares students with the knowledge and tools needed to best prepare for their careers.

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